Some attributes
First Limo driver for John
Second Is the comic relief of Die Hard
Third The founder's favorite character in Die Hard
Other attributes

Argyle after realizing Nakatomi Plaza is taken over by terrorists.



Argyle is the limo driver that takes John to Nakatomi Plaza on Christmas Eve, where John's wife, Holly, works. Argyle asked loads of questions, and it was his first time driving a person in a limo, as it was John's first time in a limo. Mr. Takagi arranged the limo. Argyle is known as the comic relief, the funny person in the story. Here is a conversation when John is about to get up to go to Nakatomi Plaza:
Argyle: "So, the plan is, you see her, she falls madly in love with you again, you call me, we have a party...." (goes on and on)
John: "I hope so."
Argyle: "Wait, I'll wait for you in the parking garage."
John: Argyle, you don't have to do that for me, I'm fine."
Argyle (insists): "Well I'm gonna be in there anyways."
John : "Ok."
(Argyle drives into car garage with John's huge teddy bear in the back seat)
Argyle (says to teddy bear): "I guess it's you and me now, right?"
(Teddy bear stays silent)
(Argyle turns on funk music and dances in his car, scene changes)
Argyle was not shown much, but every once in a while you could see him talking to his girlfriend on the phone and listening to funk music. Here's another scene with Argyle in it:
(Argyle looks at teddy bear) Argyle: "Shut up."
(Radio reports that the Nakatomi Plaza has been robbed, some of the building parts are gone, terrorists are fully armed)
Argyle: "What the hell?" (turns car around, but he has nowhere to go, as the parking garage is closed)
(Argyle looks at truck and drives towards it)
(Argyle see Theo)
Argyle: "What the hell is he doing here?"
(Argyle crashes limo into truck, and climbs out of the limo and punches Theo, Theo is knocked unconscious)
(Argyle looks at his fist and smiles)
And one last one:
John (after Nakatomi Plaza was saved): "Merry christmas Argyle."
Argyle: "Merry christmas to you too." (opens limo door for John and Holly)
Argyle (after closing door): "Man, if that is there idea for Christmas, I gotta be there for New Year's!"
(Scene shows Holly and John kissing in limo, movie ends)